How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Blog post 4, by Samreece Kaur

How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Blog post 4, by Samreece Kaur

Year 3 students were asked to answer this question: How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Here is our final blog, written by Samreece Kaur:

My time at Royal Holloway (RHUL) has prepared me for what comes next in life in a range of different ways. From living away from home to the support within the careers service. RHUL really does provide students with a bridge between university life and life after university! Next for me, will be beginning my career and gaining work experience.

Academic support at RHUL is immense, with support from tutors, lecturers and academic departments. There is always support on how to improve your work and apply academic and research skills to future careers. Furthermore, the careers service at RHUL, has provided so much support with careers guidance by checking through my CV, recommending various work experience placements, and helping me to figure out my overall career pathway. The appointments are regularly available, and the staff are enthusiastic and helpful. When I begin applying for jobs, it is going to be extremely useful to have a CV which I know has been checked and will give me the best results. It will boost my confidence and sense of direction.

Whilst at university, I have been able to learn the skills to budget and manage my money. As RHUL is a small campus, it is much easier to manage money, than studying on a huge campus. There is also a financial support team on campus who are willing to provide hints and tips on how to save money, rather than just spend it, and they help you to get the best value from your money too. This is a skill everybody needs to engage in throughout their lives, and when using all the tips given by the university, it is certain that when leaving university, these skills will be carried through. Once you learn them, it’s hard to unlearn them, and budgeting makes for good habits!

RHUL is a small campus university in a lovely small town! It has a range of home students from the UK as well as many students who are international. This makes for a small and diverse campus of students from all over the world. This provides preparation for working with people internationally and from all over the globe, but it allows you to comfortably make friends with people from different countries with different backgrounds.

Finally, living away from home in Egham, where the university is based, has made me extremely independent and has allowed me to understand how to take care of myself, pay rent and bills, and do my own shopping! The university has provided ample support in all aspects, from the SU teams to the welfare teams, and without this support, the entire learning process may have been a lot harder. In the future, I will be able to take all this knowledge on board when I live away from home, which will make me much more confident than if I wasn’t given the support provided.