How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Blog post 3, by Elicia Lobo

How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Blog post 3, by Elicia Lobo

Year 3 students were asked to answer this question: How has your time at Royal Holloway prepared you for what comes next in your life? Elicia Lobo covered a broad range of experiences in her blog.

Encouraged to try new things

During my time at Royal Holloway, I have taken part in activities that I never expected I would have done before. For example, speaking on a radio talk show. I have also learnt about different cultures, religions and met diverse people by attending society events (e.g. Hindu Society and Gaming Society meet-ups), and volunteering events. These events have motivated me to start a new society, Rotaract. This has given me valuable experience in leading team meetings, organising fundraisers, and contributing to the local community. Overall, this has encouraged me to take advantage of opportunities that come my way, even those that may seem scary initially.

Effective communication

 My time at Royal Holloway has developed my people skills significantly, as I am always meeting new people. I work and communicate with different people frequently, on course projects and presentations, and at events run by the Student’s Union, society socials, and volunteering sessions. After almost three years at Royal Holloway, I feel more confident in communicating with others effectively, whether it is for work purposes or socialising.

Careers Advice

I have been interested in working in data analysis for the past year, and I was given the opportunity to attend a ‘Meet our Grads’ event at Royal Holloway in October. Here, I met past alumni who studied psychology and are now working in diverse career fields, from police work to being a research assistant. I had the chance to meet a data analyst and got a key insight into what to expect from this type of job. Events like this, along with career talks offered by the Psychology Department, advice provided by my tutor, and the help I have had from the careers service in tailoring my CV, have contributed to preparing me for work life after university. One useful piece of advice I will keep with me for the future is the importance of networking.

Living away from home

One major way my time at Royal Holloway has prepared me for the future is by developing my independence through living away from home in campus or student housing. This has developed my skills in managing money and budgeting, handling paperwork, and dealing with estate agencies and landlords. This has been one of the most challenging but valuable experiences of my time here as I encountered difficult situations, which I managed to overcome. For example, disagreements with flat mates. This will not only be helpful in the future for managing difficulties at work, but will be useful skills for life in general after university.

Balancing work and social life

Having to complete multiple assignments while juggling my role in the Rotaract society and balancing my social life has reinforced the value of being organised, for example, by managing a timetable and setting personal targets. In addition, with the importance placed on mental health at Royal Holloway, guidance provided by my tutor and the psychology department, I know the significance of taking breaks, how to manage time effectively, and more importantly, seek help if I’m struggling.